Stages of Infectious Disease

This micro-interaction demonstrates the progression of an infectious diseases and its relationship with symptoms.

Project Details

February 26, 2021
Project Type
Interactive Sample
Healthcare Professionals
Tools Used
Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop
Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Graphic Design

I developed the following project as a submission to the eLearning Heroes Challenge #315: "Using Interactive Timelines to Present Sequenced Information in E-learning".

I was looking to present sequenced information in accordance to the progression of an infection. The interaction is centered around a dial, which was converted into a 5-color wheel. Each section of the wheel corresponds to an infection stage. Learners would turn the wheel clockwise to discover information on a specific stage.

My goal was to create a sample that showed a clear relationship between the stages and symptom severity. I placed multiple triggers on a “symptom marker”; it’s movement was influenced by the rotation of the dial.